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Vickers Valetta FS91299 viewsEngines made from Modified P&W's fsc file by Dave Eckert available at www.daviator.com
Pilot figure by Dave Eckert. (with permission)
Spinning propeller Texture by Massimo Taccoli from his Canadair CL 415 (with permission).

Many Thanks to Clive Hunt for the Viking 3 View Drawings that started this project.
Henk Hugo for his webspace & help with files etc.
Dave Booker for his endless attention to detail when testing beta models.
Saverio Maurri & Dave Booker for the panel.
Everyone that Beta tested the Viking & Valetta (soon).
I know I have missed off lots of helpers & I'm sorry but thankyou will be bigger than model
if I put everyone here ! <ggg>

Copyright 2003 Rick Piper
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